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October 21, 2014


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Elisabeth in Texas

This is a great post - you are so creative! We are one month into SCD for my son (age 10) who was just diagnosed with Crohn's. So far the results have been good but he has a long way to go. We have an appointment with his doctor next week and are praying that the results will be good enough to stay off of Remicade, the recommended drug.
I have a question about the hot dogs in your photo - are they SCD legal? Where did you get them? That is one of the things my son is so sad to give up.
Thanks, Elisabeth in Texas


Hi Elisabeth! Thanks for the note. Sorry to hear about your son having Crohn's, but glad you are trying SCD. It's a pretty amazing diet when it works. :) The hot dogs are from Applegate...they are 100% grass-fed beef. They don't have anything specifically illegal, however, I have not verified whether or not the herbs and spices have any kind of anti-caking agents. We've been eating them occasionally since we started and haven't had any problems, but if you're just starting out, you may want to wait a bit before introducing them. Grassland Beef also sells a lot of sugar-free meat products (hot dogs, sausage, ham, etc.) that you can purchase online: Again, I haven't verified anything with them, but a lot of people on SCD recommend them. Hope that helps! I wish you much success on SCD and will keep my fingers crossed that your son can stay off Remicade. Keep in touch if you have any other questions. I'm always happy to chat via e-mail too. :)

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