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September 24, 2014


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Thank you so much for sharing! My daughter was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, but what is probably Crohn's, when she was four. She is now six, and we have been eating SCD for about 10 months. It is so hard to try to explain why she can't eat what every other 6 year old is eating, even her cousins that have Celiac disease. It is just nice to hear that we are not the only ones! Just as a side note, has your daughter done ok with white rice? We have just started trying it, but it is hard to tell whether she is having any reaction. (And obviously, everyone is different, but I haven't been able to find any "research", anecdotal or otherwise, with people trying white rice again after SCD.)


Hi Kate! Thanks so much for your note. I'm always sad to hear about a little one with IBD, but I'm happy to hear that you've found SCD. And no, you are definitely not alone. :) How is the diet working for your daughter? We have had great success with white basmati daughter has been eating it without issue since last November. We recently tested rice noodles and it looks like those are fine too. (We had a calprotectin test done before the food trial and are waiting for the post-trial results. If her numbers look good, we are good to go.) Up until recently, I've only let her have about a half-cup once a week, but have started giving it to her more often and still no problems. It is different for everyone, but I've heard of quite a few people who have been able to bring rice back. Feel free to e-mail me at "" if you want more info about testing foods. I plan to do a post on the topic sometime soon, but not sure when.

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