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May 14, 2014


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This seems so wonderfully easy. I do have one question. How do you maintain your temp at 100-110 during fermentation?


BTW I forgot to mention, I have had great success with Dannon All Natural Plain Yogurt as recommended by the BTVC site

However, I noticed the Siggi's yogurt you mentioned contains two additional strains of bacteria not found in the Dannon. I just got some at Whole Foods today and plan to try it soon!


Hi Aaron! Thanks so much for your sorry for the delayed response! I am just realizing that there were a bunch of comments I never responded too...I get excited when I read them and want to wait to reply until I have time to do it thoughtfully...and then I lose my mind and forget! But to answer your question, I put my yogurt - crockpot and all - into my oven and set it to just about 100%. I have started pouring it into a smaller pot so I don't have to take the oven racks out. Thanks for the tip about the Dannon...I haven't been able to find any legal Dannon yogurt where I am...not sure why.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe b. lactis is a bifidobacteria. It is one of the strains listed in the siggi's ingredients pictured above.
Also I wondered if the yogurt temperature needs to remain at 110 or just the oven. My oven doesnt go lower than 150.

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