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February 20, 2014


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siba_w_h on instagram

I'm sorry your daughter flared again, hope she gets well soon.
I know oats are healthy, but in regards to an imbalanced gut flora, grains should not be eaten as they feed the pathogens. They can only be introduced once all the excess pathogens are killed. And even then, with moderation as they may return from excess carbs.

I'm not sure if you know of this website, but I find their posts helpful.

siba_w_h on instagram

By the way, conserning what you said about health vs. happiness, always remember this: Happiness comes after health. Someone who is unwell is overwhelmed with feelings of pain and discomfort that he/she cannot feel pure happiness and contentment at that moment. You're having your daughter on the SCD so she can become healthy and therefore, hopefully, happy. So you're investing in both!

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