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January 01, 2014


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Hey Cindi,

I hope your daughter is doing ok and currently flare free. I'm glad you turned to diet to help control symptoms. I was diagnosed with UC many many years ago. I have been laughed at by specialists in the past when i had bought up the subject of diet changes and alternative treatments. It's only recently that a specialist agreed with me regard some dietary changes. The best things I have taken from my personal research and experiments is going sugar and grain free really helped. Not just with the UC but an entire list of other problems from acne to endometriosis. I've also been reading in to magnesium and all the problems a deficiency can cause. You seem very resourceful so I'm sure you have come across this too.

Best wishes,


Hi Juliet! Thanks so much for your note. We've actually had a minor setback while trying to add oats back into our daughter flared over the weekend, but we are working to get her back on track. I agree with you on the sugar and grains...I've read so much recently about the many different diets that people are using to solve a myriad of health problems and the common "nut" among them all is usually sugar and grains/gluten. Sounds like you've had some luck with personal experimentation, so that's great. Have you tried the SCD? I had not heard about the magnesium, so thanks for the tip...I will definitely look into it. Best wishes to you too! I hope you are feeling good and living flare free. Keep in touch! Cindi


Came across your blog through a long process that started with veggie recipes. I'll try to make this as short as possible. But it will probably still be long.

I'm T1 diabetic and I have been for 19 years, had a pancreas transplant in 08 which failed in 09, making me diabetic again. After it failed I started having problems digesting food. I was going to the bathroom once a week, and it was painful. I also was occasionally bloated and throwing up. I eliminated gluten and tested for celiac and that wasn't the answer. Tried eliminating dairy and still was sick. I decided to give up on a second transplant, and went on an insulin pump. At 5'8 and 120 lbs I managed to gain 10lbs, which had been a struggle for years. The weight didn't stick and things didn't improve, but where worse. My blood sugar numbers where better, but I developed neropathy so I was put on Lyrica. Lyrica made me sleep 20 hours a day, made me depressed and break out in blisters. After I went off of Lyrics, which was hard bc of withdrawals my symptoms regarding digestion where worse.

As a college student I had a full scheduled, and internship. I was always tired, and didn't really care how I was looking bc I couldn't eat to be productive. I started drinking Glucerna as a meal replacement and high calorie starbucks for energy, and maintain my weight. I had class all day Tues and Thur, which was hardest because I was there all day and my last class everyone brought food for dinner. (The glucerna/starbucks didn't help my bloodsugar at all, but that's another crazy story.)

Anyway, I decided to see a gastro doctor. He did a bunch of tests. I can't recall the names but the first one I was asleep and they put a camera down into my stomach to see if there was food. The second was eating an egg ans seeing how long it took to digest. In the end the doctor concluded I had gastroparesis, which I wasn't sure about bc my symptoms didn't match. The first test was positive and the second was neg. I had a few symptoms, but stomach/gi problems are pretty much all the same, and hard to identify.

Gastro doctor put me on reglan, which didn't help. (I had been on that before for transplant, and you can't be on it forever, bc it causes twitching) I had pretty much given up hope for anything. I wasnt allowed to have a pace maker or my stomach bc the first test was neg. :( So I started eating on weekends when I didnt have school or internship, and small amounts but mostly living off of glucerna and coffee. I was about 115lbs.

Switched to another primary care doctor after my current one said it was all in my head/diabetes. My new PC doctor put me on a probiotic and talked with my gastro doctor. Abt this time I had a food infection and needed IV antibiotics bc bactrum wasn't working... IDK maybe bc I couldn't digest it? Well 3 days later and on clyndomyacin I started getting better at digesting food. Told my nurse and she looked it up, saw that it was related to Eritromyacin that was used to treat Gastroparesis. After I was discharged and not allowed on the drugs anymore I told my Primary care and she talked to my Gastro. I was put on Erithromyacin and it was OK, not as good as Clindomyacin but that was IV.

Still not a 100 percent, but I had gained some weight (now at 130) I looked for a solution with food again. Found out that people with IBS do better on veggie/vegan diets. So I tried that and along with the probiotic ans erythromyacin I'M OK!!

So far I'm ok, I've adjusted and I don't miss meat that much thanks to MorningstarFarms. I miss calimari and octopus, but I'll get over it.

I tried soooooo many things, and it took forever. I still have good and bad days but mine are much better. I'm still afraid to go out and eat on a date or with friends in case I get sick, and I'm afraid to get in a serious relationship bc of my health (even longer story, but I wont say it)

I just wanted to tell my story and if you want to shorten it/edit/ or w/e for your daughter great. I know it can be really hard for her, yourself, and your family. I'm sure she's in good hands and really appreciates it. There's tons of people who know exactually what it's like. We all have good and bad days, I have a great mother, and dog which keeps me happy. As hard as this whole thing was I did get my AA this last December, but there was a time I thought I had to drop out. I kept at it, and succeeded.

(Not sure if I spelled all the medical terms right, sorry.)

Hope you're having a good day, and that your daughter is having an even better one.

<3 Cat


Dear Cindi and sweet daughter,

My name is Felice. I was a mother of a 2 1/2 year old girl when I couldn't enjoy my Florida vacation (May 2011) because of a gut issue. One day I was as good as a daisy, the next I was in the "you know where" multiple times throughout the day. Atfter that vacation the symptoms would come and go repeatedly. Then, we got very suspicious. So I had a colonoscopy and it confirmed the dreaded diagnosis. I HAD UC! The first med they put me on was Lialda (that just worsened the symptoms, so my Mom, who is an RN) took me off that pill.Tthen Prednisone was my worst, but best buddy until April 21,2013. The next day I started the SCD and haven't had a flair since after I gave birth to my amazing son on April 22, 2014. Being pregnant was very surreal and unbelievable! Up until that point I thought the possibility of me ever being prego was impossible because of my skinniness, and my very-close-to-being-extinct colon. You see, my sweet son was born exactly a year after I started SCD! The flare I got nearly two weeks after he was born. I was put on 20mg Prednisone, when that dose age didn't work, so they upted me to 40mg. I took it right after my sons last feeding (he slept through the night for the first 2 months of his newborn life so I didn't have to worry about him getting any of this drug in his system. On July 11, 2014 I finished my last dose and feel great now! No issues since! Sorry for the long story, but that's MY STORY.



Hi Felice!

Thanks so much for sharing your story. Sounds like you had quite a roller coaster of a ride before getting into remission. Happy to hear that you are feeling better and doing well! That is great! Do you follow any kind of special diet at this point?


Hi Cat! Was just looking through comments and realized I never responded to yours - so sorry! Wow! What a have been through so much. I am so impressed at your strength and your fight. And it's so great that you were able to finish your degree in spite of everything you were going through. Very inspirational! I am sure that your positive attitude was an asset to your healing. Hope you are still doing well. Have you been able to add any foods back into your diet or still sticking to veggie/vegan? Thanks again for sharing! I really appreciate you taking the time to do that. It definitely helps others to see that they are not alone. :)

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